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Media Release: Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 24/3/2020

Media Contact:

Bronwyn McLeod

08 9071 5142

The ECCI Locals Employing Locals job site will be made available free to all businesses effective immediately. This is a tool that can link employees from COVID-19 affected businesses to farmers who are searching for seasonal labour.

Businesses and Farms can submit vacancies or calls for expressions of interest to the Locals Employing Locals site. Job seekers are encouraged to contact prospective employers directly.

The Locals Employing Locals website will be updated by ECCI staff more frequently than usual to accommodate the anticipated spike in activity.

ECCI President - Shaun Meares

“If farmers can find ways to unlock the skills potential of retail and hospitality workers then this becomes a win-win scenario. Job seekers should be ready to take on new and challenging roles that might not align with their experience to date”

ECCI Executive Officer - Bronwyn McLeod

“ECCI staff are ready to help businesses and farmers find people. We’re hearing that farmers will find it difficult to find seasonal labour, and that the rapid forced closures of hospitality businesses are leaving people out of work. This might a strategy to dampen those effects

Access the Local Employing Locals here and use the online form to submit a job

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