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Membership Benefits

The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) is a member-based organisation that exists to represent and benefit private enterprise in Esperance. Membership of the Chamber gives businesses a say in the voice and unlocks access to a range of benefits.


  • Increased business - the ECCI receives regular requests to recommend service providers, we recommend our members

  • Connections - the ECCI can introduce you to key stakeholders, and band-together businesses with similar interests or issues

  • Information - be notified of local and regional trends, opportunities for business growth, and receive links to tenders, grants and funding opportunities

  • Networking - receive invitations to ECCI networking events and promote your business by hosting your own. Networking hosts can utilise the ECCI database to invite guests and receive staff support to run them.

  • Skill development - be kept up-to-date with education, training, and workshop opportunities

  • Get the message out - publicise your events and other relevant news or information via our website, social media and member e-news

  • Lead the way - members have the option to nominate for a place on the ECCI Executive and vote in AGMs                                                     

  • Compliance - regular updates on business relevant regulation and legislation

  • Support - when you require assistance with tendering, planning and other applications



In addition to member-exclusive benefits, the ECCI provides a range of services that deliver advantages to the entire local business community. This ensures that we generate the best environment for private enterprise to thrive.


  • Economic investment and industry development through active engagement with key stakeholders

  • Advocacy for local business with key stakeholders, Local, State and Federal Government

  • Networking opportunities, forums and other events that keep our community connected, drive business and create shared inspiration

  • Free support in Esperance for small businesses through the provision of the Business Local program as part of the WA Government’s Small Business Development Corporation services. This includes the delivery of free or affordable education, training, and workshops

  • Active encouragement of Buy Local practices including through social media campaign #esperancebiz

  • A strong culture of good customer service in Esperance through the delivery of monthly Customer Service Awards​

We strongly encourage local and regional businesses to consider membership of the ECCI for their own benefit and to ensure that Esperance has a strong and active Chamber. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our work is built on funding through membership and sponsorship. Every membership is important and we value your contribution.

  • Not-For-Profit / Community Organisation / Support Member - $110.00

  • Bronze Membership (1-4 employees) - $240.00

  • Silver Membership (5-19 employees)- $365.00

  • Gold Membership (20+ employees) - $605.00

  • Introductory Year - $120.00

Fees stated are inclusive of GST.


If you'd like to become a member of the ECCI please complete this form. 

We will be in touch to complete payment and registration.

Thank you! We will be in touch shortly

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