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ECCI advocates with REX for better communication with passengers

Demand for the air service Esperance to Perth has never been higher with record passengers carried last year in excess of 54,000 pax. The Chamber met with REX and they outlined how covid challenges were still impacting their business with skilled workforce shortages of both pilots and engineers. To mitigate this in WA, they’ve chosen to reduce some of their networks over east. They also acquired a Dash 8400 which is a 76-seat aircraft to operate as a recovery aircraft in the event of flight delays and cancellations.  These two measures have seen improvements in the service over the past few months.

However, at the meeting, ECCI highlighted communication with passengers as a major issue and we were advised they’d hired a Disruption Manager who is working on improved communication systems for WA (e.g. SMS).  Let us know how your flights have been lately and we'll keep the channels open with REX on your behalf.

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