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Business Local is a free service offering advisory support and workshops to small businesses located throughout Western Australia.

Business Local Advisors can offer free advice and guidance on a range of business matters including:

  • starting a business

  • helping you assess new business ideas

  • business structures

  • writing your business plan

  • market research

  • business licences and permits

  • leasing commercial premises

  • business disruption

  • financial management and tax

  • marketing 

  • managing business disputes


Business Local is funded by the State Government through the Small Business Development Corporation, to deliver small business support throughout regional Western Australia.

Business Local Adviser

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Katrina Mallins

Katrina specialises in creating business efficiencies and working with small businesses to achieve their goals whether they be financial or value based. Taking a keen interest in Accounting Software and setting up businesses with a solid foundation to grow and expand, Katrina is in her element. She loves working with people & getting to meet others through her job in the Accounting Industry. Watching businesses grow & succeed is Katrina’s passion.

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Lesa Blackham

Hello there! I'm Lesa Blackham, and I bring over 30 years of experience to the local business community. Formerly entrenched in the education sector, I made the leap to entrepreneurship in 2018, seeking a more balanced professional life. As the Owner & Founder of Lesa Blackham Coaching, I've weathered the challenges and triumphs of solo entrepreneurship, gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of running a small business.


My knack for seeing the big picture, simplifying complexities, and strategising has been honed through three decades of experience in education and small business operations. I'm well-versed in managing people, energy, and resources effectively.


Deep listening is my superpower — not just hearing what you say, but understanding the unspoken. I thrive on un-complicating things and providing simple solutions. My solutions-focused approach empowers you to take action, unravel the big picture, and break down tasks into manageable steps.


Outside of my professional endeavours, I've been a proud resident of Esperance for over 30 years, accumulating a wealth of local knowledge and experience. When I'm not immersed in coaching, you'll find me walking my two fur babies on the beach, enjoying coffee at local cafes, or experimenting with delicious recipes.


With six years of successfully running a small online and in-person coaching business, I've developed a keen understanding of every aspect of operations. My passion lies in analysing human behaviour and uncovering the "why" behind actions.


Whether you're navigating professional challenges or seeking personal development, your time with me promises to leave you feeling understood, uplifted, and inspired, with clear insights for your next moves. Let's embark on this journey together.

Business Local 
Ravensthorpe & Hopetoun

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