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Customer Service Award - November

Congratulations to Sid Sleeman, of Supa IGA, on winning the Customer Service Award for November 2023. Sponsored by Esperance Metaland.

Presented by Mr Brad Hunt of Metaland.

Sid was nominated for being a "Customer Service Superstar". According to his nominee.

" Sid is so professional and friendly with customers and his work colleagues. He is always smiling and helpful to everyone. Sid goes above and beyond every single day and nothing is too much trouble."

Sid started working at Supa IGA at the beginning of this year.

When asked what made you decide to work here? Sid replied,

"Growing up, my dad, sister, and I came to this very shop every single week. This shop has given so much to us throughout the years and I wanted to be a part of that, one way or another, even if it was for a shorter amount of time. I was also motivated to build customer service skills that would help me later in life, both professionally and in my everyday life."

Sid loves interacting with customers be it the familiar faces doing their weekly shopping or tourists passing through. One skill he has learned from working here is empathy for others. Whether it be for customers or coworkers.

When the question of 'Tell us something that most people wouldn't know about this business?' Sid responded,

"Something that I found unexpected when I began working here was the sense of community. Helped by the fact that we are a small, rural town, meeting and interacting with the same people, and becoming a part of their weekly routine, I have established a friendly rapport with people I never would’ve dreamed of talking to if I hadn’t taken up the job.

Being a part of the IGA team has also established this sense of community for me—having an understanding, kind team by my side has greatly contributed to this sense of belonging. A humble retail job is one of the best ways to get involved in the local community."

Well done Sid. The Esperance community and Supa IGA are lucky to have you.

The ECCI recognises outstanding businesses and individuals in Esperance with our monthly Customer Service Award. You can nominate an individual or team for the Customer Service Award via our website:

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