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Telstra, childcare & little wins with big impact!


GEDC, SoE and ECCI have met three times since Christmas with Telstra to discuss the frustration with network issues.  Broadly, there’s not enough coverage, and in the CBD there is coverage but not capacity.

The plan:

Coverage – 3 new towers (Pink Lake South, Myrup & Bandy Creek) to be delivered June - Sep this year.

Capacity – an antenna on the Telstra building in Post Office Square - installed before the Summer/Christmas peak season starts this year.


Childcare – a little win with a big impact!

We're all aware of the shortage of trained staff for centres. Recently there were concerns that Lingalonga were not going to establish a new committee at their AGM.  The ECCI consulted with the Local Jobs Taskforce and GEDC and then attended the AGM with a representative from the Taskforce to offer governance training for the new committee. We were pleased to link the centre with GEDC to assist moving forward as both a point of contact and also for potential funding. We applaud Lingalonga on their new staffing package to retain existing staff and attract new staff. One AGM might seem like a little win but it had a big impact on 60 families!

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