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Esperance is a stunning coastal town located 800km south west of Perth and is home to around around 14 00 people. The town has a thriving business community, with exciting options for those looking to invest, visit or make a permanent move.


Aboriginal people have been in the Esperance area for over 20 000 years, and the Aboriginal name of the area is “Kepa Kurl”, which means “the place where the waters lay down like a boomerang”.




The Esperance region is known for its significant coastal assets and has a mixed economy of agriculture, mining, tourism and fishing. The local port provides infrastructure for the whole region as the entry and exit point for north to south transport. Predominant exports are iron ore, nickle concentrate and grain commodities. Tourism based on natural attractions is an important and growing industry in the region.


The Shire of Esperance and Australia’s Golden Outback have developed the Esperance Investment Prospectus, which aims to attract investment across a range of industries that play to Esperance’s strengths.
Further details and the prospectus itself can be found here.


More information on the Esperance region can be found by visiting the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission’s economic and community profiles.

Esperance port
Esperance cafe business
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