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September Customer Service Award Winner

On the 22nd of October Lidiah Kaewhanam from the Esperance Siam Thai Cuisine Restaurant was presented the Customer Service Award Winner for the month of September by the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Siam Thai Cuisine opened on the 13th of November 2020 and is a family-owned business that puts a lot of love and effort into their work, all employees arrive to work with their best attitude and work their hardest to make sure all customers are satisfied and happy when they walk out the door. Danny, who is the chef at Siam Thai Cuisine always strives to perfect his meals within a short time frame to ensure that all customers have a full belly as soon as possible.

Lidiah has been employed at the Esperance Siam Thai Cuisines restaurant since early January 2021 and absolutely loves it.

The most important thing Lidiah has learnt while being employed is how to communicate with customers and being able to bond one on one with them. At times it is quite a challenge for Lidiah as she says, “being in a restaurant means everything is fast paced which means you have to learn and pick up what you see quickly”. What Lidiah loves most about her job is being able to work and form strong relationships with customers.

In Lidiah’ s spare time she loves to go to the beach and study as much as she can, as Lidiah is starting to wrap up the end of this year she is slowly preparing herself to start a bigger journey for the next two years, being ATAR.

Lastly, a congratulations to the other nominees for the month of September being: All staff members at Salmon Gums Roadhouse and Rani from Dr Chris Harris Dental Surgery.

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