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October Customer Service Award Winner

A bus driver who has been committed to ensuring the best service for his passengers for decades has received a well-deserved honour.

TransWA driver Brian Walsh won the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry's November Customer Service Award.

Mr Walsh has been a driver for 30 years. He sometimes travels from Esperance to Perth and back, but his favoured route is between Kalgoorlie and Esperance.

Mr Walsh said he always tried to deliver the best service and, while the company had rules, there was also flexibility to help out individual customers.

"In our job, the most important thing is the safety of the coach passengers and then the comfort of the passengers," he said.

"Our rules are pretty hard, but they're not made out of cast iron, they're made out of spring steel. They allow us a fair bit of movability to help the people."

Mr Walsh has been able to maintain a passion for his work thanks to great relationships with his passengers and support from the local community.

Now that he has notched the November award, he will go into the running to win the Chamber's Customer Service of the Year Award.

To nominate an employee for their exceptional customer service, forward the employee's full name and business to

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