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Customer Service Award: Rebecca Baines, Esperance Outpatients

Congratulations to Rebecca Baines for winning the August 2023 Customer Service Award, Sponsored by Esperance Metaland!

Brad Hunt (Esperance Metaland) presenting the August 2023 Customer Service Award to Rebecca Baines at Esperance Outpatients.

Rebecca was nominated for being patient, calm and kind, and taking the time to genuinely understand peoples needs and doing everything she can to help.

One visitor to the Outpatients department described Rebecca as a credit to the health industry and wanted her managers to know just what a valuable team member they have. Another described Rebecca as a shining example of what front line customer service should be, stating that "when you are at the hospital, no matter the circumstances, having someone at reception that genuinely takes time to be kind and understanding goes a long way to easing anxieties".

Rebecca has been working at Esperance Health Campus for just under two years and said she chose to work there because of feedback from previous staff members that it was a great place to work. She loves the feeling of being part of an organisation that looks after their people and community, and can truly make a difference in people's lives.

The most important thing Rebecca says she has learned in the role is to be patient: with yourself as you learn new tasks; with colleagues and supervisors, understanding we are all busy; and with customers - no matter how small the question, they are all there to seek help with their healthcare.

Rebecca said that it's easy to be kind, and the ability to make a positive impact on someone's life, even in a small way, is her greatest motivator to come to work.

Thank you, Rebecca, for your outstanding customer service!

The ECCI recognises outstanding businesses and individuals in Esperance with our monthly Customer Service Award. You can nominate an individual or team for the Customer Service Award via our website:

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