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Member Showcase: Lauree Sharee | Life and Relationship Coach

Meet Lauree: she's made a huge difference in her life and would like to make a difference in yours.

In 2020, Lauree decided to follow her heart's desire and go all in to become an Entrepreneur. She teamed this up with her passion for coaching, teaching & mentoring, and landed here as an Entrepreneur helping people achieve great things in their life.

To find out more about Lauree and how she made big changes to get to where she is now, head to her website.

Lauree is also a Certified DISCFlow Trainer through DISCFlow Australia, and she's the only one in WA at present! She has over 12 years experience in high performance Sales teams, Account Management & leadership as well as her own Life & Relationship Coaching Business.

She currently offers Cohesive Team half day workshops plus additional professional development sessions to help businesses maximise the results they can achieve from DISCFlow in their organisation. You can find more information about DISCFlow, and book your development sessions by contacting Lauree:

+61 408 407 535

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