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Member Showcase: Esperance Physiotherapy

Doug & Melissa Cary, Practice Principals - Esperance Physiotherapy

Established in 1989, Esperance Physiotherapy has been at the forefront of providing health and wellbeing services to people in and around Esperance for over 30 years.

They provide high-quality Physiotherapy services including the treatment of acute and persistent pain, rehabilitation of injuries that occurred during sport, at work, or from weekend warrior activities, and treating dizziness.

The team at Esperance Physiotherapy also provides a range of unique treatments.

These include Sleep assessment & education (Dr Doug Cary’s PhD topic at Curtin University), GLA:D Australia program (research-based program for the management of hip and knee arthritis), dry needling & acupuncture, ultrasound imaging of pelvic floor muscle training (e.g., post-prostatectomy, post-childbirth or age-related changes), Pilates exercising and a Pole Walking Group. To assist in the provision of optimal health, Esperance Physiotherapy has an extensive range of braces, tapes, pillows, and health products.

The team at Esperance Physiotherapy also offers employers specific services to optimise the safety of their workplace. These include; CabChart (i.e., in cab exercises for farmers), pre-employment medicals (i.e., to evaluate potential candidate's capacity for physical roles), onsite treatment, onsite ergonomic workstation assessments, and in-house discussions and troubleshooting around the topics of lifting and manual handling injuries.

They also provide ’snapshot’ health assessments that compare where a person is on their health journeys with age and gender-matched data. An example would be their PreHarvest Assessment, designed for the farming community. In this 30-minute assessment, participants are compared with age and gender-based data for fitness, strength, flexibility and sleep habits. Using this data, they create a fitness program to help prepare the participant's body for the hectic harvest period and combine it with our Australian first, in cab, CabChart exercise program

When asked what the team at Esperance Physiotherapy loves most about their business, they said the day-to-day process of listening to peoples’ health challenges and using experience and research-based interventions, devising a wellness plan that assists them on a journey from pain and confusion to understanding and a better quality of life.

Esperance Physiotherapy plays a critical role in our community, and they have now been around for long enough to be helping children of parents that were treated when they were kids!

For more information or to book an appointment, head to their website or call 08 9071 5055.

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