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Media Release: Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Shire of Esperance- 16/04/2020

Media Release - Local for the Long Haul - 16/04/2020 The Shire of Esperance has partnered with the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry to deliver a marketing campaign called ‘Local for the Long Haul’. The campaign is aimed at encouraging Esperance residents to support local businesses as they adapt to changes in operation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Local businesses have innovated methods to engage with their customers, and provide goods and services in many unique ways. ‘Local for the Long Haul’ is encouraging the community to try out these new methods of doing business. Residents can support Esperance businesses in the following ways:

  • Try the new takeaway and delivery services from local restaurants.

  • Visit the new online marketplaces of businesses; web shops, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Pick up the phone and explain to a local businesses what you require.

  • Get same day home delivery from your favourite retail stores.

  • Connect through social media to write reviews and let your friends know what you've found.

  • Stay up-to-date with the new community e-Noticeboard on the Visit Esperance website ( to discover how businesses and support services are operating.

  • Use the hashtags #esperancebiz and #localforthelonghaul on social media posts.

Shire President Ian Mickel said the way local businesses have adapted their operations was inspiring. “We must all work together to get through this, and that certainly means supporting local businesses,” he said. “If we buy local during this crisis, and after, we can make sure this town not only survives, but thrives.” Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry Executive Officer Bronwyn McLeod said if we can embrace ‘Local for the Long Haul’ we will be encouraging the health and sustainability of our community. “It’s really inspiring to see local businesses stepping up and reinventing their service delivery to assist the community at this time.” “We are in this together, Esperance.”

MEDIA CONTACT: Justin Sudmeyer (08) 9071 0679

Bronwyn McLeod (08) 9071 5142

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