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March Customer Service Award

On Wednesday 14 April 2021 we presented Belinda Christian from Esperance Care Services our March Customer Service Award. Belinda’s nominee said “Belinda deserves recognition for the effort she puts into her role at Esperance Care Services, Belinda’s nonsensical but caring approach to her customer service highlights her compassion, empathy and inclusive way she is with all customers and clients. She is a huge asset to the organisation and to the Esperance Community.”

Belinda was born and raised in Esperance. She has three amazing sons with her partner of 23 years. Belinda began volunteering at ECS in 2018 and is now a full-time employee. Belinda values working within the loving atmosphere at Esperance Care Services, the favourite part of her job is the customers & the people she works with.

Her role is varied & diverse within the business, she is the Coordinator of the M&M kids’ program. M&Ms is a free program that gives children aged 9 -12 years an opportunity to engage in fun activities with a values theme (e.g., Community, Teamwork, Kindness, Respect, Communication). In the last six months she has led the operation of the front of shop activities, which involves assisting in many aspects of daily ECS operations, and most importantly includes her warm welcome to all entering ECS. Previously she and her husband ran their own business for eight years. She is currently also involved in supporting some NDIS clients.

Belinda describes herself as a happy person who loves to see people succeed, enjoy life, and overcome hard times. She is keen to continue working at ECS and being part of its future. She is an important and valuable member of the ECS team!

Belinda is humbled & grateful to the person that nominated her.

Also nominated this month were Deb Brown & Nicole Hurley from Esperance Freight Lines Group "Both ladies are very quick to assist, they go above and beyond and still have the most fabulous positive customer service. The desire to help find solutions makes life so much simpler for those of us trying to get goods that are not that easy to freight"

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