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June Customer Service Award Winner

On the Monday 12th of July Madi presented Mitchell White at Esperance Supercheap Auto with the ECCI Customer Service Award Winner for the month of June.

Mitchell has been working at Esperance Supercheap Auto for over a year and was nominated for always being friendly and welcoming with a lovely smile. He loves working at Supercheap Auto as both the customers and other staff team members are all so friendly. When Mitchell is faced with any difficult customer or situation he is always calm and collective and goes out of his way to help the customer achieve a good outcome.

Mitchell also has a love for cars and is passionate about camping. From his employment at Supercheap Auto he is always learning and uses that knowledge to be able to help out his customers.

Mitchell would like to say a big thank you to the person or persons who nominated him and will continue to provide great customer service to his customers.

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