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Customer Service Award: Zen Frost, Esperance Domino's

Congratulations to Zen Frost from Esperance Domino's Pizza Franchise, who was presented the Customer Service Award for the month of August.

Zen Frost has owned the franchise since April 2022. Zen came to Esperance 5 years ago to open the store as a Regional Manager at that point in time. Last year, the store became available for purchase and he jumped at the opportunity. Zen loves the challenge of working in a fast-paced environment and seeing team members learn and develop new skills.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt while working here?

"When you wake up today, remember you only live once. Imagine if every interaction you had with someone, had the potential to make their day, and/or change their lives for the better which therefore, brings joy into our lives. We have 1000 customers walk in our door every week. How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to bring joy to 1000 people every week."

What is something customers don’t know about this business?

“Locally owned. Our team are fully endeavoured into making the best quality product we can in the fastest time as possible. We do a heap for the community including fundraisers and sponsorships. If you play for a local sports team, there is a high chance Domino’s has helped with free pizza vouchers or some form of sponsorship.

We do a lot with our Feed the Knead Charity as well. We give out a lot of pizzas to the homeless and support Restore Hope on a weekly basis. We donated over 500 pizzas to Restore Hope this year, and we are always looking for more ways we can support the community.”

What keeps you motivated to come to work? "Let’s pump those music beats, create some goals and kick some a**! Kick a**, sleep, repeat. Some days are harder than others. Just gotta remember what your doing it for and what’s on the other side. "

The ECCI recognises outstanding businesses and individuals in Esperance with our monthly Customer Service Award. You can nominate an individual or team for the Customer Service Award via our website, by emailing or by dropping by the ECCI office.

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