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Customer Service Award: Tim Currie, Esperance Civic Centre

Congratulations to Tim Currie, Manager of Esperance Civic Centre , who was presented the Customer Service Award for the month May by the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Tim has been working at the Esperance Civic Centre for almost 9 years.

Tim gained knowledge and experience in audio production and events, while working for a company in New Zealand. He loves bringing amazing opportunities to the Esperance community and being involved in such a variety of activities, shows and events.

The Esperance Civic Centre holds 170 activities/events every year, with 25 shows per year supported by Lotterywest. The job can be very long hours with plenty of nights and weekend work, but Tim has learnt that preparation is key, time management is essential and you should take time off when you get the opportunity.

Tim loves being involved in the local arts, culture and events in Esperance and seeing the community have fun and make the most of these amazing opportunities is what motivates him.

During his spare time, Tim enjoys spending time with family, taking his boys to the park, or out for a bike. He also has a love for cooking and playing music.

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