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Customer Service Award: Josue Galindo, Esperance Public Library

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Congratulations to Josue Galindo from Esperance Public Library, who was presented the Customer Service Award for the month of July

Josue commenced as the Esperance Public Library Technician early last year. He moved back to Esperance after living over east, and within a week, the job at the Esperance library came up with his exact area of speciality. Josue says it was ‘meant to be’.

What do you love most about working at the Esperance Public Library?

Providing 1:1 tech help support and education for customers' digital literacy needs, with devices, government websites and more. Especially when I know they have learnt something valuable for their everyday needs and I love seeing those aha moments!

What made you decide to want to work at the Esperance Public Library?

I think it was providence. I had wanted to apply for a job when I was living over east ever since I got my qualification and we were thinking of moving back. However, no jobs at the library ever came up. We did eventually move back anyways, and after a week of being back in Esperance, a job at the Esperance library came up with my exact area of speciality. I think it was meant to be.

What is the biggest challenge you face when working here?

I am used to working with more updated library technologies and resources, and better dedicated spaces, like a computer lab/training room. I think the library and this community would really benefit from having up-to-date and current library technologies and resources which I would consider to be standard for the modern library, and we are working toward these changes. However, there is hope that the new library at the James Street precinct will be designed with current and future standards in mind.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my wife and kids and going on adventures. I love home DIY projects, whether it be fixing something, building something new for the house or something for the kids. Recently we bought some chickens, and its being really enjoyed taking care of them as a family. The kids have been learning heaps about how to look after our chickens and of course collecting the eggs.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt while working here?

Libraries are desperately under-resourced, especially in regional remote areas (like Esperance). This is the first time for me working in local government and any change seems to take a lot of time. We want to provide the best service possible for this community and I think we do well at providing the best service with the resources we have. However, we can definitely make it better. Trusting your organisation is making the right decisions and having patience with the process. Positive and sustainable change takes time!

Tell us something that most people wouldn’t know about this business?

Libraries are more than just books, we have a huge collection of locally and State Library funded eResources which are freely available to our members. Save yourself some money by downloading, reading, watching and listening to books, magazines, newspapers, and video documentaries, using Borrow Box, Libby, hoopla (new), Kanopy, Comics Plus (new) and more. Our eLibrary collection is constantly growing and the latest content is all ready to go and available on your own devices for FREE!

What keeps you motivated to come to work?

I like providing tech help support to our library customers. This part of my role and working with a supportive team, especially Krissy (a library colleague) who takes on a part of the load of tech help appointments, gives me satisfaction. Working with library team members that I can relate to and share ideas on how we can continually provide the best possible tech help service to this community motivates me to be here. I’m working with like-minded people, and colleagues that share the same vision for the future of the library.

For more information on Tech Help at the Library, visit the Shire of Esperance website.

The ECCI recognises outstanding businesses and individuals in Esperance with our monthly Customer Service Award. You can nominate an individual or team for the Customer Service Award via our website, by emailing or by dropping by the ECCI office.

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