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Customer Service Award: Westpac Team

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Congratulations to the Westpac team who were presented the Customer Service Award for the month of March by the Esperance Chambers of Commerce and Industry ✨

The Westpac team was named and famed for their quick call to action when a very upset customer was scammed. They were patient, reassuring and helped to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, we were unable to have the whole crew, but we managed to award these lovely ladies.

Prior to their role at Westpac, Kelly was a florist, and Maurita was a hairdresser. They both wanted a change of career, and now Kelly and Maurita have worked at the branch for 12 and 10 years respectively.

They love to work with their customers, listen and create genuine relationships and share customers' special life moments. The biggest challenge they face daily is keeping up with scams and fraud, and making sure their customers and their funds are safe.

Kelly enjoys time with family and friends and live music, Maurita enjoys gardening and spending time with her 8 grandchildren.

They have a great team atmosphere at the branch, and enjoy working alongside all the members of the team, which includes Fiona Rule (22 years at the branch) Morgan Barlow (18 months) Suresh Narayanasamy (the newest team member) and they recently welcomed back Liz Hancock who retired after 24 years at the branch -and is back on board as our temp.

Congratulations Westpac, the Esperance community is fortunate to have such incredible people providing this integral service 🎉

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