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Business Brekkie Bites with Shire of Esperance

It was a beautiful morning on the Bistro Louis deck last Friday, as members of the business community came together to hear from the Shire of Esperance on the Small Business Friendly Program.

The Shire of Esperance was successful in securing a grant to participate in the Small Business Friendly Approvals Program. The Program, presented by the Small Business Development Corporation, aims to streamline the process of registration and approval of a small business or hosting an event within the Shire.

During the Workshop, held late last year, Shire officers and managers participating in the Program recognised and created 34 reforms across four areas:

· Better Information

· Business Support Services

· Automated/Fast Tracking Approvals

· Streamline Processes to improve the Customers Experience

These reforms have started to be applied, with a few of them bring approved by Council at the December 2022 OCM.

Neroli Logan (Manager Development & Statutory Services), Richard Hindley (Manager Strategic Planning & Land Projects) and Christiane Smith (Manager Media & Communications) presented on these reforms, how they were progressing, and next steps of the Program.

Thank you to our speakers and all who joined us on Friday morning. If you have any queries about the program, please email the Shire of Esperance Business Support Team via or call 08 9071 0666.

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