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August Customer Service Award

On Monday the 8th of September Terry Dunn from Dunn’s Cleaning Service was presented with the ECCI Customer Service Award Winner for the month of August.

Terry Dunn has had the business since 1986 and it has come an extraordinarily long way since then. What Terry loves most about his business is the flexibility with choice of hours and the great results customers receive after their service. Dunn’s Cleaning Service employs 3 fully qualified carpet cleaners that do exceptional work.

Terry and his staff are always constantly improving the business through education. Dunn’s Cleaning Service is part of a group in Perth that is always continuously training, specifically in cleaning. Terry attends regular workshops and seminars to learn as much as possible to pass onto his staff. The amount of specialised training that goes into the job is not to be underestimated, he says “Its not something you would think needs to be qualified but when dealing with chemicals and physics it’s very important.”

Terry promotes his business through his vehicles as “moving billboards” which helps enthuse customers to book services and/or buy vouchers. Dunn’s Cleaning Service also employs 3 fully qualified carpet cleaners that do exceptional work.

Terry was nominated because “Nothing is too much trouble for Terry, he and his team always do exceptional, incomparable work as well as being a really nice bloke with the loveliest attitude.” Terry would like to say a big thank you to the person who nominated him and especially recognising him and his staff for their hard work.

Lastly, a congratulations to Jordyn Edwards from Red Rooster for being the other nominee of the month.

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