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April Customer Service Award

Donna and our newest team member, Madi presented the Lucky Bay Brewing team with the Customer Service Award Winner for the month of April.

When you walk into this beautiful environment you can be sure the Lucky Bay Brewing staff will love to catch up with you as a regular or if you are new to Esperance. Asked their secret to keeping their customers happy, we were told “Keeping our customers happy is our number 1 priority. Our Lucky Bay Brewing staff always give eye contact and a smile to ensure customers get their full attention no matter how busy they are.”

Not only is it important to keep customers happy, but it is also important to have a happy workplace and to keep the Lucky Bay Brewing team happy. Robyn and Nigel make sure of this by having regular weekly catch ups to see how everyone is going, that they are working together in the best possible way and are always supporting one another thus making it a friendly environment not only for their customers but also for their staff.

Nigel and Robyn are always happy to hear about any new ideas their customers may have and would like to let their customers know there are some changes and new products coming on board at the brewery soon.

The Lucky Bay Brewing team would like to thank the person / persons for nominating them for this Customer Service Award. They are now eligible to be in the running to win the Customer Service Award winner of the Year.

Other nominations for April were Julie Liddlelow from Florissons Home Furniture and Break-A-Way Café.

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