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Welcome to the team! New talent at the Chamber

Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to welcome two new recruits who have been tasked with prioritising the needs of our membership base and strengthening the Chamber’s role as a vital resource for the local business community.

Bronwyn McLeod and Jayde Guest join the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry team.

Bronwyn McLeod joins us as Executive Officer, leading the team and bringing a strong focus on member engagement. Bronwyn has been part of the Esperance community for the last 22 years and is driven to ensure we have the best environment for business to thrive. Together with her partner, Bronwyn owns and manages local small business Ocean Blues Café. She looks forward to connecting with members face-to-face and concentrating on their future needs.

In the role of Business Advisor, Jayde Guest has been quick to establish herself and is up and running delivering the Business Local program. Jayde has a background in small business through her past involvement in the hairdressing industry and more recently in graphic design and photography. Jayde is passionate about helping people in all areas of business. She is well-resourced through the Small Business Development Corporation to provide free advice to small business on a wide range of matters and will be running workshops to boost skills and knowledge.

“Bronwyn and Jayde are great additions to the team of staff at the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry” said ECCI President, Shaun Meares. “They bring new ideas, valuable knowledge and a passion for our local business community that makes us well placed to kick goals for our members.”

Bronwyn McLeod

Executive Officer

08 9071 5142

Jayde Guest

Business Local Business Advisor

08 9071 5142

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