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NBN Co release Wholesale Business Bundles

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Executing on a commitment announced in December 2018, NBN Co launched new wholesale discount bundles over the fixed line nbn™ access network, on the 2nd April. 

These are designed to help improve customer experience and better meet the demands of Australian businesses. Under nbn™ - built for business, these bundles combine access to high speeds, committed bandwidth and premium service levels in a discounted charge in a move designed to deliver significant savings for retail providers.

The wholesale discount bundles will include:

  • Wholesale speeds of 50/20Mbps* optimised for smaller businesses;

  • Wholesale speeds of 100/40Mbps* with support for multiple phone lines for medium-sized businesses;

  • Wholesale symmetrical committed speeds of 20/20Mbps and a 100/40Mbps peak information rate**; and

  • Wholesale symmetrical committed speeds of 50/50Mbps and a 250/100Mbps peak information rate for data-intensive and multi-site organisations**.

More information: 1. Media Statement here 2. Business Bundles Infographic (below) 3. Visit December 2018 announcement (link below) 4. Visit nbn™ for your business (link below)

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