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Member Showcase: Mobile Pressure Cleaning Services

Mobile Pressure Cleaning Services wants to grow and expand the successful business into new towns and regions. Mobile Pressure Cleaning Services, "MPCS", is a fully mobile licenced high pressure water cleaning service that travels to all areas of Western Australia to do cleaning of external areas and equipment.

The pressure cleaning operators are extensively trained in the safe operating procedures of water jetting machines and comply with all environmental standards responsibly.

MPCS are proud of the quality work they do and advertise it on their social media platforms. You can check out their before and afters on their Facebook and Instagram page.

They always comply with guidelines and all site-specific rules and regulations when conducting business onsite, they strongly value and respect client’s privacy and security when working with the corporate mining and government clients.

They’re available anytime anywhere that suits your schedule with either a truck or trailer mounted with everything available to service your needs.

They carry a wide range of surface cleaning chemicals, assorted guns, and cleaning tools to clean a range of jobs. They match the equipment needed on jobs from cliental input. They do a range of sanitising, disinfecting, odourising, preparing of paint concrete floors. You name it they can do it. From schools, restaurants, mine sites and quarantine facilities.

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