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Member Showcase: Just One More Stitch

Just One More Stitch first opened as a business 12 years ago in Ravensthorpe. Since then, they have relocated twice, before stopping in Esperance to set up the beautiful shopfront they have today.

We spoke to Leonie de Haas, owner of Just One More Stitch, to gain insight into how the store has evolved and discuss the incredible range of products they have available for their valued customers.

How has your business diversified over the years?

"From only selling a few fabrics and handmade goods to now offering a wide range of fabrics, yarns, haberdashery, threads, Janome products (including sewing machines, overlockers and long arm quilting machines), classes and retreats."

How are you continually improving your business?

"I continually strive to improve my business by consistently looking for and adding new product, new ways of doing things and attending trainings that are pertinent to the business."

Tell us something people may not know?

"People who have never been in to the shop may not know about our small sewing machine museum – we have over 180 machines dating from the mid 1800’s to the 1990’s and encompassing more than 23 different brands on display."

What product/service do I sell that people may not know about?

"The servicing of sewing machines and overlockers – a very important part of the business but not all people realise that we offer this."

Can customers book or buy product on line?

"Yes, customers can purchase or book products through the Facebook page – just touching base when they see items posted."

Top selling product?

"At the moment my top selling product is Janome – machines and accessories"

What is the biggest challenge in promoting your business?

"Advertising – the cost of advertising and knowing the best place to advertise. I have adapted by using more technology and media based platforms, probably not as consistently as I should though. I’m not totally sure if all customers know but we get calls, comments and orders from all over Australia so I guess the message gets out there."

Biggest achievement?

"Our biggest achievement would have to be staying open and viable during COVID … but seriously though, my personal biggest business achievement would be gaining the status of the Australian co-ordinator for the Quilt Worx program – I oversee the training of shops and Instructors for this program through Australasia."

What can you tell new business owners?

"Know what you are getting into – do your research and take up offers of assistance (Business local etc.) Make use of the training sessions that are available."

What do you love about your business?

"First and foremost - My customers! Without them I don’t have a business."

We would like to extend a big thank you to Leonie for giving up her time to chat with us. Just One More Stitch is located at Unit 1/5, 88 Dempster St, Esperance WA 6450 and is open 9am-5pm on weekdays, and 9am-12pm on Saturdays.

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