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About our NEW Logo

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Since its establishment, the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) has served as the leading organisation dedicated to serving the local business community.

As the town of Esperance has grown, so has the ECCI. As a team of now four, we outgrew our well-known office location at Dutton Arcade, and have relocated to Suite 4, 98 Dempster St. The new office affords us

more space, an easily accessible location for visitors and a better working environment than our previous office. Roles within the ECCI have also evolved, and the team now includes Executive Officer, Bronwyn McLeod; Program Manager, Eliza Vlasich; Account Officer, Tabatha Meerman and Business Administration Trainee, Brittaney Bonney. The recent restructure, and welcoming of new staff, ensures the ECCI provides the best service to its members and the business community. With changes to both our office location and staffing, it was time to refresh our brand to ensure it is representative of our role in the community.

The logo was designed by Jayde Guest, and is representative of the connection between business, stakeholders and the community. The ECCI play a central role in establishing and growing these connections, providing business leadership to ensure our community continues to grow and prosper.

The logo has the following key changes, reflecting the role we play in the community at present.

• Symbol – our new symbol reflects the connection between business and the community. Whilst the Norfolk pines have been synonymous with our logo, the decision to forego this element was done to simplify the new logo and place emphasis on our core focus; serving the business community of Esperance through connection and business leadership.

• Business Leadership – the addition of ‘Business Leadership’ makes our integral role known to the wider community. The purpose and role of the organisation is clear and requires minimal context to describe our focus.

• Colours – the logo is created using two colours; blue and aqua. Representative of Esperance’s landscape, blue remains one part, and aqua is included to provide a ‘light and bright’ element to the logo.

Over the coming weeks, you will see our new logo featured in regular communications, such as Business Essentials and the Weekly Report, social media and our website. For the ECCI team, this logo symbolises a reinvigorated focus for the future of the ECCI and business in Esperance

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