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SIME Building and Construction - Tender Proposal for New Tafe

An information session for the Esperance TAFE Project was held by SIME to present opportunities for local businesses and trades to be considered for parts of the forthcoming project which Sime are currently tendering.

Generally significant parts of major projects can often only be completed by larger subcontracting companies due to the scope of works and construction time-frames requiring larger workforces and cashflows.

As such local business and trades may not be able to complete the scope of works and therefore miss out.

SIMES idea in keeping with the buy local policies through the information session was to provide more detailed information of what those larger components of the project consisted of, and to encourage local businesses and trades to identify if there were items or services that they can offer within those larger components.

If so, they could then list their company details, contact information and relevant services they could provide on an information sheet, and SIME would then link their information to the subcontractors tendering for the larger components so they may be considered when pricing the project.

This forum gave greater prospect in supporting local business and trades, ensuring more of the money for the project is injected back into the Esperance community for sustainability.

Anyone who missed the information session and is interested in the project can send an enquiry through to listing their company details, contact information and relevant services they can provide.

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