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Media Release: Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 19/6/2020

Media Release - Business Roundtable Working Group - 19/06/2020 The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI), in partnership with the Shire of Esperance, have established a Business Roundtable Working Group, to interact and engage local business members and stakeholders to identify potential areas of improvement.

The group will provide opportunities for ECCI members to have a process where issues or concerns are addressed, strategies to deal with concerns are developed and potential outcomes and options are presented back to members and stakeholders.

Esperance Shire President Ian Mickel said the Business Roundtable Working Group was a way for the Shire, local businesses and the ECCI to work off the same page.

“We are committed to making sure local business and those working with local government are set up to succeed; and create friendly working relationships,” he said.

“This is especially important in this post-COVID world, where some of our Esperance businesses have been hit so hard.

“It is great to see cross-organisational collaboration to provide the best solutions we can for any issues that local businesses may have.”

ECCI President Shaun Meares said the Business Roundtable was a great initiative for business and the Shire to quickly resolve any roadblocks to success.

ECCI Executive Officer Bronwyn McLeod said she looked forward to working with the Shire to provide guidance, support in assisting ECCI members to achieve a positive outcome for any issues or concerns they may have.

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Media Contact:

Bronwyn McLeod

Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI)

(08) 9071 5142

Paul Clifton

Shire of Esperance

(08) 9071 0646

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