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Make a Small Change Campaign

Business Local, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Esperance Shire have partnered to help small businesses in Esperance by delivering the Make a Change Campaign

Every small business in Esperance can join the campaign and have access to the marketing

material via email


Date- 28th October - 3rd November

OUR AIM is to help promote making small changes in WA to support local businesses via social media.

Would you like to get onboard? There are two ways that you can help

1. You can spend $10 extra in local businesses that are participating. Post a photo with the hashtag #makeachangewa

2. If you have a small business in Esperance you can join the campaign at any time during the above dates. To get access to the marketing material email or Bronwyn 

If every adult in WA spent an extra $10 a month in a local small business it would add an extra $216 million each year to the sector and create thousands of jobs!

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