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The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a vital platform for ensuring that our business community has strong representation and the best opportunity to unlock the region’s potential.


Contributing to the Chamber is both a responsibility and a privilege. It is a rallying point for those of us with the passion to bring out the best in our community, to continually raise the bar, and to ensure that we work together to deliver great outcomes for local business.


If you are considering membership, we encourage you to register your interest. Maintaining a membership of the Chamber has the potential to deliver great benefits to your business.


For those of you who are members, we thank you for your determination and commitment to ensuring the existence of a thriving business community in Esperance.


Best regards


Shaun Meares & Ken Richardson

President & Vice President

Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry


2020 has brought about many challenges for small businesses.


The uncertainty experienced, no business could have planned for.

Going into one of the busiest summer season, Esperance businesses are now facing a staff shortage. The Shire of Esperance, ECCI and GEDC are working together to bring awareness to our community.

6450 Job Connection is a marketing campaign that aims to try to connect local businesses with potential staff.

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