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Member Showcase: Lesa Blackham Coaching

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Creating Calm Esperance began in October 2017 for 4 years but in 2022 it was rebranded as Lesa Blackham Coaching highlighting femempowerment coach, speaker, and writer. She works from home and within the online space.

Advice and inspiring words to new business owners.

“Do what you love and are passionate about, work should be fun, inspiring, and light you up. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your vision and encourage you to be successful. Be discerning about who you include in your inner circle. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and make epic mistakes. Treat it as an experiment and learn as you go. You will not get it right or be perfect all the time. And that is OK. Embrace the unknown and ask for help.”

When Creating Calm began, she initially only offered 1:1 in-person coaching services. As her business grew and then rebranding, she now offers coaching online to individuals including small groups. Workshops online and in person, she writes blog posts, podcasts and she also feature at speaking gigs.

What’s interesting and what most people don’t know about Lesa Blackham Coaching.

“I help capable, intelligent, and talented women who are tired of living under the weight of societal expectation and are ready reclaim their divine right to not just exist, but to thrive in a world where a woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be so she can unleash her true potential and live life without limitations.”

What motivates and drives Lesa to do what she does and keep thriving?

“Helping women and seeing them thrive and succeed in life & in business. Creating a community of women who support, encourage, and inspire each other to be the best they can be. Working together for the good of all. Eliminating the toxic societal expectations that pit women against each other. Making the world a better place for all.”

Is there any topical message or information that you would like to get out to our members?

"Women today still experience oppression in many forms. It shows up in the expectations of workplaces, in friendships and family dynamics. This type of oppression while not necessarily obvious is running in the background and is impacting the way women show up in the world. Dimming their light, playing small, putting their dreams and desires on hold and ultimately not allowing them to realise their true potential."

"My coaching services are specifically designed for women who are no longer are willing to:

· Settle for mediocrity in any form

· Bite their tongue in order to keep the peace

· Say YES out of obligation, even when they know it’s not right for them

· Avoid conflict to ensure others don’t feel uncomfortable

· Hide their true feelings to protect others

· Feel guilty when they upset or disappoint other people

· Take responsibility for the feelings and reactions of others

· Worry about whether someone likes them or what they are doing

· Be preoccupied with what other people think

· Compromise their values, principles and morals for someone’s else’s priorities

· Struggle to set goals and achieve them

· Suffer from burnout due to the overwhelming stress and anxiety of meeting the expectations of others

· Apologise for things that are clearly not their fault

· Reliant on the approval and opinions of others"

The service I provide is highly personalised, intimate and meets clients where they are at. I create a safe and supportive environment where women are able to express their authentic voice knowing they will be seen, heard and appreciated. Through my lived experience I am able to offer a unique perspective that is relevant and relatable to my clients, they see aspects of themselves in the experiences I have worked through. And by hearing what I have been able to achieve they see in themselves what is possible.

Products that I offer:

VIP 1:1 Coaching Package: A 6-month transformational experience for women:

Offering support, guidance, accountability and encouragement to help women to overcome their daily struggles, conquer the obstacles that are holding them back from being their true authentic self and providing the tools and resources so they can shine brightly again in this world.

A personalised program that helps women who feel anxious, overwhelmed and stressed out by all of life’s details, to connect, learn and grow in a safe, supportive  & encouraging environment.

Designed to help women feel authentic, courageous and confident in everyday life so that they can rise up, break free and unleash their true potential!

In the program we explore their unique capabilities, offer individualised support to create their own personalised step-by-step plan, provide encouragement and guidance to feel empowered and inspired to take imperfect action in order to live an amazing life

The journey is as simple as A - B – C

ALIGN to what it is that you want and why

BREAK through the barriers stopping you from living the life you dream of

CREATE an inspiring and sustainable plan of action

Enrolment in the program is by application only, I offer an obligation free 30-minute Clarity Call to determine if the program is the right fit: Bookings can me made here at:

FemEmPowered Program for girls aged 10-13 years: Is an in-person, afterschool 8-week program that runs during the terms of the school year.

The aim of the program is to empower young women with the tools and resources to be able to navigate the challenges of being a teenager in our modern world.

It also showcases the many talents and experiences of other local women who join us as mentors and guest presenters.

The program builds connections, gives girls a safe and nurturing space where they have the opportunity to fully be themselves without judgment, criticism or societal expectations and assist them to make informed and appropriate choices for their own health and wellbeing.

A new round of the program begins in week 2 of the school term. I am seeking expressions of interest from women in the community who would like to be involved as either a mentor or a guest presenter.

It is widely publicised on my social media accounts and website to book in a FREE, no obligation clarity call to determine if my programs are the right fit for both myself and the prospect.

Website - Lesa Blackham Coaching:

Guest on the Live Well Podcast with Christina Tidwell: Episode #55: Cultivating Calm with Lesa Blackham

Guest on the High Vibe & Healthy Podcast with Fran Dargaville: Episode #9: Mindfulness & Anxiety with Lesa Blackham

The Small Business Cheerleader Podcast with Nikola Willis: Episode #3 – Mindset and Finding Life balance

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