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Lauree Arnold Member Showcase

Lauree Arnold has been running her successful business 'Lauree Arnold Life Coaching' for almost a year operating since August in 2020 and has come a significant long way. Lauree states that a lot of people have no idea what her business is about, "Most people have no idea what I do, so here’s an easy way to think about it... 'Ash Barty' could’ve gone it alone throughout her career. Her grit and determination may or may not have lead her to the becoming the Women’s Champion of Wimbledon for 2021. But I know for certain without a coach, supporting her, giving her technical advice and providing the keys to unlocking her mindset it could’ve been all different. Life coaching isn’t for fixing people. It’s for maximising their potential, just like sports coaching. It’s helping people see what they can’t see and what is holding them back from their own amazing potential."

Lauree is motivated everyday to help people in achieving great things. To be apart of a community of like minded people that support you to grow and do amazing things in the world. And in particular, with Entrepreneurship, having the freedom to create her own rules, determine her own success and live a life of purpose knowing that what she does impacts the world one person at a time.

A message Lauree would give to all business owners is "It’s really easy to have default thinking when it comes to business. We think there’s a right or wrong way of doing it but the reality is, there’s not. There’s just trial & error and figuring out what works for you, your clients, your people. If you hear the words “I don’t know” come from within, STOP and ask yourself this…”What if I did know?” It makes a huge difference to unblocking the wisdom from within."

Lauree Arnold loves what she does and it’s changed the trajectory of her life.

If you are coaching curious, reach out and have a chat with her to get unstuck and step into your greatness because it doesn’t matter where you came from, it matters where you’re going!

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